April 9th, 2017

oomph has always loved travel and nothing is more inspirational to us than a new destination full of color. Our recent visit to Cuba was no exception. As everyone reports, it truly is like stepping back in time, way back. Things have not changed much since 1959 but it certainly is fun to imagine a night at the Tropicana before the Revolution!

Our first stop after landing in Holguin was lunch at a farm. The farmer's son was so excited to steal the tail from the pig. He was chased for quite a while by his angry mother. It must be a delicacy? The farmer boasted that he was fortunate and well cared for by the government as he was able to get water every 15 days! At our first stop we learned it is a very different place.


Our small sailing cruise ship took us from port to port exploring small towns along the way. We had educational lectures on Cuba's history from its settlement in the 1500's, Pirates, the history of Rum,  and on the Revolution to what may happen in the future.

  We circumnavigated nearly the whole island on our boat and sailed into Havana harbor at sunrise through an ancient fortressed gauntlet.   As soon as we stepped off the boat, we loved Havana - the heat, the music, and the mojitos! The colors of oomph were everywhere.   The capital, Havana, is lined with pastel houses, 1950s-era cars and Spanish-colonial architecture in the 16th-century center, Old Havana. Salsa music plays in the dance clubs and cabaret shows are performed at the famed Tropicana. It's a vibrant city of music and color. We loved it.  

One of us thought we should hop a ride in a cool car but the driver was insistent we did not!

  It was an adventure but also an education. We came away with the feeling that Cuba may not change as quickly as we might think if there is a change of government after Raul. Even with the influx of a million American tourists a year, the Cuban people seem to be almost contented. Although they could wish for so much more, many seem resigned to live with just the bare necessities they are allowed. Change is not going to come fast to Cuba. One has the feeling that 1959 is their Ground Hog day.  

What to Expect in the Year Ahead

January 3rd, 2017
032815_OOMPH_Showroom_PORTRAIT_13 (1) 2016 was quite a big year for oomph. We opened our beautiful store in Greenwich, Connecticut, we added a lot of new products to the line (including original Art), were featured in the Wall Street Journal among many other print and online publications, and started working with a lot of new designers. We also spent a lot of time listening to our customers, and hearing about what they wanted from oomph. With that, here is what you can expect from oomph in 2017 NEW WEBSITE! You heard it here first. We'll be launching a new and improved website toward the middle of March. oommphonline is now oomphhome and it's going to be great: easier to use, more content, and beautiful to look at. oomph-NEW_logo-2015[COLOR] NEW COLORS! We don't do it often, but when we do it's with a purpose. We listened to you all - and realized what we were missing. A new Coral and Gray will be coming to the oomph color wheel soon! Benjamin-moore-Tucson-coral-design-theory-interiors-of-california HC-166 MORE PRODUCTS! You need options - especially those of you who are repeat customers. We'll be rolling out new designs ahead of High Point Market in ALL CATEGORIES. image1   EXCLUSIVE COLLECTIONS: Think capsule collections with Designers you love. Exclusive fabric collections, limited edition colors, and so much more!   DESIGNER PROFILES: We love to share the work of designer's that use oomph. If you have work to share, email us directly and we'll tell your story.   p_nina-campbell_1571437c   IN STORE EVENTS: It's only January, but our calendar will soon be filled with events for the year. Check back frequently!

12 Gifts for Christmas

December 5th, 2016
unnamed (1)   It's hardly the 11th hour, but Holiday Shopping days are certainly upon us. Our first bricks and mortar store has given us the opportunity to accessorize the shop with some wonderful holiday items. Here are a few of our favorites and we whom we recommend them for! If you can't make it to Greenwich, call us and we'll do our best to ship it to you in time!   For your colleagues: 2017 Desk Calendars from The Printery calendar_2017_edit_3     For the Husband who has EVERYTHING!: oomph Backgammon Table of course! Peale Green Backgammon For the Hostess: Social Lite Lighters (we have lots of handle options) social-oxford-blue-lighter For your Friends: Handblown glass vase BGflareVase__44853.1472488324.850.1280     For your Mother in Law: Palmgrens of Sweden Top Handle purse (other colors available too!) palmgrens For the newly nested: A Tini Table - everyone needs one! tini 2 kensett copy     For your father-in-law: Vintage Hotel Silver to accent his home bar!   2985070 For the design lover: Signed copy of A House in the Country by Peter Pennoyer and Katie Ridder HouseinCountry_BookCover     For the little ones: Coco, from Alicia Adams Alpaca Coco   For Yourself: Art, we have a large selection of original works of art, such as this one from Daphne Chapin. Blue Night   For your Home: Lafco Tree Fragrance Candle HOL-2HHres_450x355   And when all else fails: THE OOMPH GIFT CERTIFICATE (Call us for details 203-856-0541)   This is just a small sampling of the great things we have in store! Visit us at 21 West Putnam Avenue M-F 10-5, Saturday 11-4. Did we mention a nice big free parking lot in downtown Greenwich??   Happy Holidays from everyone at oomph!      

December 1: A House in the Country

November 17th, 2016
  HouseinCountry_BookCover One of the most talked about books this Fall is coming to oomph Greenwich along with its creators. A House in the Country chronicles the beauty and uniqueness, of the stately country home, of architect, Peter Pennoyer, and designer, Katie Ridder. Together, they have created a beautiful home in bucolic Millbrook, New York. Every page tells a new story; each room a distinct and thoughtful journey through design inspired by history and nature. Peter's classic, greek revival, architectural style, modernized with today's eco-conscience amenities, and the exuberant decorating style of Katie, is a masterful mix, sure to stand the test of time. Classical details are at ever turn (and high above) layered with heirlooms and the comforts of a country, family home. 1A House in Country_56-57_zpskpmqvtoi One of the most alluring aspects of this exquisite home and book, is the outstanding use of color. It's no surprise to see the rich jewel tones in the work of Katie Ridder, nor the kaleidoscope of colors she uses throughout the home - bold combinations only a truly, confident, professional can masterfully execute. Gardens are lush with an ongoing variety of flowers, trees, and surrounded by the beautifully wild landscape of the Millbrook hills. Katie-Ridder-and-Peter-Pennoyer-A-House-in-the-Country-bedroom-photo-by-Eric-Piasecki On December 1, oomph will celebrate this beautiful book and its creators at our showroom in Greenwich, Connecticut. If you live nearby, please join us for this special evening, 5:30-7:30. A signed copy of A House in the Country is the perfect Holiday gift for design and garden lovers alike. oomph_invitation_V2_0000_front 2 (1) See a private tour of the home on Quintessence  

Christina Murphy designs for oomph Greenwich

November 1st, 2016
DSC06318 Widely regarded as one of the Country’s top designers, Christina Murphy of Christina Murphy Interiors, is setting the new standard for great American design. Her look is fresh, contemporary, and completely unique. No two projects look the same, which is paramount for her discerning clients – each looking for a unique style for their home or business. For Christina Murphy Interiors, rarely a project goes unpublished in a major shelter publication. Her work is coveted by editors for the high-impact color use, custom designs, and impeccably chosen furnishings, textiles, and artwork. Cool white kitchens, brightly lacquered libraries, and bold papered rooms are all part of Christina’s signature style. Her ability to spin a variety of looks and personalities into one home, is one of her great talents. Furthermore, her clients range from young families, to fashion bloggers, to the corporate elite – therefore she and her team are thinking in many directions all at once. DSC06299 This fall, oomph, welcomes Christina Murphy as the first featured designer to take over the Greenwich showroom’s front room design. About three times a year, oomph plans to identify designers, the brand frequently works with, to “install” an original vignette in the main room of the showroom. Using primarily oomph products, the designer is given free range to interoperate the space to reflect their unique design aesthetic.DSC06302 DSC06308 Christina Murphy Interiors

oomph decorates with Gray Malin

October 24th, 2016
GM.oomph Giveaway Today launches our first ever GIVEAWAY! And who better to do it with than Gray Malin! Over $8,000 in prizes are ready for those who enter! Inspired by our mutual love for Beaches and Backgammon, this is a giveaway like no other. An original work of Gray Malin's Cefalu Yellow Umbrellas combined with an oomph Backgammon Table - WHAT COULD BE BETTER!!!!!!!


How did this all happen you say? You know that feeling when you meet someone and everything just falls into place? Well, that's how we felt the moment we met Gray Malin! We've admired (stalked) his work online and via social media since he came on the scene. Immediately we knew we had to collaborate in some way - EVERY WAY!!!! Gray's Los Angeles bungalow was in need of a furniture face lift, and oomph, well, we needed some great art for our new Showroom! Our brightly hued lacquer was the perfect anecdote for Gray's furniture woes - and as it turns out, he and his husband Jeff are avid backgammon players! Gray's beautiful aerials of all things beach and ski beckoned to us . . .and we quickly curated select works for the showroom walls.

Chelsea Desk in Parakeet, Cambridge Chandelier in New York Blue!

Nantucket GM 2

oomph Showroom, Nantucket Series by Gray Malin


St. Barth Surf School by Gray Malin at oomph Greenwich Showroom

oomph Backgammon in Fireworks, Newport Lamps in Fireworks, and Cubes!

oomph Backgammon in Fireworks, Newport Lamps in Fireworks, and Cubes!

To make things even more exciting, we hosted a book signing in early September with Gray, and now



High Point! Again!

October 4th, 2016

oomph - High Point Showrrom

Historic Market Square, Suite 200

Second Floor, near the elevators


  It's only a couple of weeks away! That's right, we're talking about High Point Market. If you are planning to visit the world's most exciting Furniture Market, don't forget a visit to Historic Market Square, the home of oomph, and so many other great brands. This market, we've really switched things up. We'll be showcasing our lacquer, upholstery, and lighting to the backdrop of Miles Redd's Brighton Pavilion for Schumacher. The rich coloring of the glamorous panels pairs perfectly with so many of the 16 colors we offer. As it is based on a rare 18th-century document and created by one of Europe's premier engravers, it's truly a classic, re-imagined for modern living. See how we've interpreted this outstanding wall covering, and given it the oomph treatment!   HP

Tradition with a Twist: The Celestial Edition

September 13th, 2016
Cambridge Pair   One of the terms used to describe our brand over and over is "traditional with a twist." Whether it's to describe the clean lines of our coffee tables, or the chippendale style Charleston Mirror, the high gloss coat of lacquer really does add a "twist" to beloved classics. This theory also rings true to one of our newer designs; the Cambridge Lights. The Cambridge collection, which includes two styles, is oomph’s version of the classic Armillary Sphere. We've all seen variations of this historical and scientific, navigational and celestial instrument. In fact, it's origins date back to 276BC in Ancient Greece. The armillary sphere has been a tried and true measure of longitude and latitude via the position of the stars, sun and moon. Its origins and use can be traced not only to Ancient Greece, but throughout China's history, ancient Islam, and straight through the European Renaissance. 500px-EB1711_Armillary_Sphere The Armillary traditionally is a model of objects in the sky – the sun, earth, starts and showing longitudes and latitudes of important celestial bodies. What better an inspiration for a light than this ancient sphere. Although oomph's version lacks quite a bit of celestial details, the principle design of brass rings running through a central axis is there. 64-08-23-09_Armillary_Sphere_and_Unisphere x354-q80 Once lacquered and wired for beauty, it becomes the epitome of "tradition with a twist." We offer two distinct versions of the Cambridge light, one with a  dramatic bulb that hangs into center of this light, another with a three arm chandelier for a more classic look. Each is custom made to your color specifications and finish (brass or nickel). Cambridge 1 Workshop Cambridge III_dove

ART at oomph

August 20th, 2016
  oomph Greenwich 3 Our most exciting new offering . . . ART. In April, we opened our showroom and store in Greenwich, CT. With the opening of our first permanent brick and mortar store, we found ourselves with substantial wall space! Amongst the oomph designs, we had peppered in a variety of beautiful home accessories, including cashmere throws, vintage barware, and exotic coral sculptures, all of which complimented our brand and "completed the look." Curating Art for our proud new space would be no different. With varying sizes, colors, and mediums abound, what we chose had to work with the oomph vibe - a cool color palette, fun (but confident), original, and priced with our clients in mind. We had no concept of how people would react to the art and artists we chose to show. It all looked so beautiful on the walls of the showroom, hanging above our lacquered consoles and fine upholstery, we really didn't care if someone wanted it. We loved it all! oomph Greenwich 7 Our first acquisitions included contemporary and botanical works from Daphne Chapin, Antique Signal flags framed in shadow boxes, and Fine Art photography from Wendy Concannon, and intricate Sailor Valentines from a local artist, all of which worked in synergy with the showroom. Within 2 weeks, almost all of it was gone. annejaysonanchor_1 Antique Signal Flags It turns out - people were hungry for access to great art! Shopping with confidence with the oomph brand, our clients were excited about our art and artists and claimed "it's just what I've been looking for." Something with major impact, that didn't require a trip to an intimidating gallery (or intimidating gallery prices!) ArhipelagoDaphneChapin GREEN I MorningGloriesand PurpleBerriesDaphneChapin orange unspecified Fast forward a few months, and working with our great artists, we decided to add our entire Greenwich Art collection, as well as some additional pieces, to our website. Now, everyone can be their own curator and indulge their inner collector. (We recommend a little oomph pieces to go with it!) If you have an instagram account, you no doubt have seen the work of Gray Malin. Gray's specialty is photographing all your favorite destinations from a helicopter, yes, helicopter. From the Amalfi Coast to St. Bart's, Africa to Aspen - he's covered it all and then some. We were pleased to be one of his first partner's to showcase his latest collection of Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket. jetties-beach_-nantucket_1 black-lab_-martha_s-vineyard Aspen_Skiiers_Vertical__3 Aspen_Lone_Skiier_4 On September 9th, we welcome Gray for a Book signing at our Greenwich Showroom - but if you can't wait until then - see our Gray Malin collection, and everything else! online.    

Crazy for Scallops

August 2nd, 2016
Scallop Shell The Scalloped edge. It's not a unique design in any way. It's seen on everything from bed linens to bathing suits, beach umbrellas to shoes.  The standard, symmetrical wave is instantly recognizable and one of our favorite designs to manipulate at oomph! We like to think we've infused a little something "extra" into the standard scallop. At oomph, the scallop shows up in some of our most popular pieces - only proving the popularity and longevity of the design. In some cases, we've brought the design back to it's natural state - more reminiscent of an actual scallop shell. See for yourself! bedroom nightstand Platform Bed_Le Touche_Head-On

The Wave Platform Bed and Headboard

Lyford Wing Chair 3

NEW! Lyford Wing Chair

Scallop Trim Chair

NEW! Scallop-hemmed Upholstered Slipper Chair


Scallop Slipper Chair

Shot10Easton Mirror

Easton Mirror

hr ls hobesound side paradise orange Hobe Sound Side_tricornblack_whiteraffia

Hobe Sound Side Table

ls hobe sound coffee white tradhm ClubNavyHobeSoundCoffee

Hobe Sound Coffee Table

Brookhouse Design Hobe Sound Bolero Hobe Sound Sconce

Hobe Sound Lantern and Sconces

There's more to the scallop shell than meets a designer's eye. The scallop shell has a long history in this world:
  • Can be dated back to a prehistoric era
  • Is referenced many times in the Bible (a symbol of both Saint James and Saint Augustine)
  • Botticelli immortalized the shell in "Birth of Venus"
  • Proust's favorite cookie was the Madeline - the perfect, French, scallop-shaped pastry.
  • Visible on several royal coats of arms - heard of Princes William and Harry?
  • Can be seen on just about every door in Nantucket in the form of a brass knocker
  • And one of my most favorite varietals of scallop shell: The Verdura version
  • Verdura Scallop